Thank You For This Brilliant Gift!

With the opening of the new gardens, we can look forward to the impact that these new opportunities will have on the communities where they operate. We recently sat down with Khady Senghor, who has been working in one of our gardens for several years. We know that stories like hers will become reality for many more we are now working with, and we look forward to watching this unfold.

“My name is Khady Senghor, I am the president of one of the groups in Ngor Marone Market Garden. Our group is composed of six determined and dynamic women. Andando has given so much to our group, because it allowed us to work in a team, organize, produce together, and consume what we produce.

“Andando also taught us to do charitable acts in the course of our activities and after each harvest to give to poor families who do not have enough. This value of mutual aid helps to eliminate poverty, fight famine, malnutrition, and diseases. If we eat healthy products that are purely natural, we rarely fall sick and it conserves all our efforts in the garden.

“The project taught us the entrepreneurship of women and farmers through Andando’s technicians. They demonstrate and show us the importance and the development of value chains in the garden system. After the arrival of Andando, I began to frequent the garden and I saw my income increasing more and more. In addition, I invested some of the money by buying seeds during the winter when they are cheaper. I sowed thereafter and at the end of the crops, I had made good income on my investment. This extra money was a big help to my family, and also helped me to get enough feed for the cattle. This positively testifies to the coming of Andando to Keur Soce, because as mother of my family, my worry has lessened, and my dignity and honor have recovered.

“After the death of my husband and before the arrival of Andando, I lived in extreme poverty and economic and social dependence. Now, all this is gone with Andando, because I manage to satisfy the needs of my family, and also to keep my children in school.

“The Andando project is also important for the community of Keur Soce as a whole, because the population does not have to travel to get supplies of fruits and vegetables, which can be costly. Instead, everyone comes to the gardens and finds everything they need.

“My vision for the future of the project is optimistic because the women who work in the project are now truly committed because it has become a success. To this effect, we want to thank those who have brought us this brilliant gift, Thank You!