Andando seeks to alleviate poverty through community development in rural Senegal.


Our Mission

By focusing on the growth of the whole village - water, health, education, agriculture, literacy, and small business - and developing long-term partnerships, Andando strives to create thriving communities rooted in sustainable solutions that give ownership to those participating in our programs. 

With Andando, we are no longer unemployed, we are gardeners.
— Kardiata Ba, Member of the Keur Soce Women's Garden Cooperative

Together, We've Seen:

  • Over 1,500 women participating in our community garden program, increasing family nutrition and boosting income by 25%

  • A 50% increase in test scores in the schools we partner with in our education initiatives

  • 10,000+ rural Senegalese benefiting from solar energy installations

  • Over 700 microloans made to rural farmers and small business owners

  • Classroom construction and renovation at six schools benefiting over 2,000 students with limited education opportunities

  • Six rural health posts constructed to improve access for those most in need