Andando's Year in Review

  • Over 500 women in our garden programs, increasing nutrition and boosting income by 25%

  • Three schools constructed serving over 700 students

  • 50% increase in test scores in our partner schools

  • Two rural health posts constructed for those with little access to healthcare

  • Over 1000 students receiving a nutritious breakfast everyday at school

  • Over 3000 people benefiting from solar energy installations

YOU have made a huge difference this year, transforming communities half a world away.

We often see things happening around the world and ask ourselves, “but what can I do?” Well, you have answered that call and it has changed the lives of so many people.

By walking together with those we partner with, we aim to affirm dignity, build hope, and empower others on the path toward real, sustainable change. Focusing on the growth of the whole village - water, health, education, agriculture, and small business - together we are building thriving communities in Senegal.

2017 promises to be an even better year with more programs and initiatives benefitting hundreds more people in rural areas around Senegal.

None of this could happen without the generosity of your investment, but to do even more, we need your help! Please consider making a donation to Andandotoday and have the effects felt halfway across the globe. Your contribution makes these programs possible, and the Senegalese send along a BIG “Jere Jef!” - Thank You!