Andando's Year In Review

Thank you for helping make 2014 Andando's most life-changing year yet! Here's a look at Andando's Year In Review:

Over 200 micro loans made to rural farmers and small business owners on the road to self-sufficiency

Over 1000 people benefiting from solar energy installations

25% Boost in Income for those in the womens' garden projects

Comprehensive infrastructural and educational improvements at schools resulting in a 50% increase in test scores

Two latrines built to offer sanitary solutions that prevent diseases

One school constructed to be used by 200+ students

One rural health post constructed for those with little access to healthcare

Hundreds of students receiving a nutritious breakfast everyday at school 

1000+ people received emergency food relief in Ebola-ravaged Sierra Leone

The past year has been one of enormous growth for Andando and - more importantly - for the communities we work in throughout Senegal. There has been so many more great things happening this year beyond what you read above, and we are excited about the direction we are going.

Thank you again for joining us as we walk together with the people of Senegal, and we look forward to a fantastic 2015!