Micro loans in Swaziland

Our first round  of micro loans in Swaziland was initiated on April 1. On October 1 the loans were repaid and we wanted to share just one of the loan recipients stories with you. Thanks to Ruby for this report.

Khanyisile Simelane was an inspiration from the start. Her affability was contagious and proved to be one of her best business assets.

She received her loan to start a small business out of her home on April 1. Almost immediately she suffered a setback  when the freezer she was using broke down. She learned one of the first rules of business- flexibility. Rural life is demanding and highly unpredicatable and she quickly realised she would need a business partner to share the responsibility of running her small store. This proved to be her best decision.

A partnership was built with her neighbor and they were off and running. The store was moved to a more central location to maximize traffic and the product mix was improved to reflect needs in the community. They have been diversifying and improving their selection weekly and are already a social hub. Her friendly nature has transformed their small enterprise into the perfect gathering place for community members and her shared business responsibilities has proved highly sustainable.

Her 6 month loan was repaid 100% and on time and the business has not skipped a beat. This small business has allowed her a feeling of stability, a few small luxuries and most importantly, pride in what she has accomplished.