mosquito nets

One of the biggest killers of children in Senegal, and in all of Africa, is malaria. When treated bed nets are used, the incidence of malaria decreases dramatically.

Andando wanted to help make nets available to the communities we work in , so last year one of the gifts you could purchase from our Christmas Catalog was a mosquito net. This proved to be a popular gift and we raised enough funds for several hundred nets.

We really wanted to make sure the nets were going to be used effectively so we wanted to also supply training and follow up .
With this in mind we have entered into a partnership with the Against Malaria Initiative and the US Peace Corps in Senegal. Against Malaria has access to nets at a far cheaper price than we can get and the Peace Corps is distributing the nets in Senegal. They go in small teams to villages, do a training and a few weeks later go back and do a follow up to make sure the nets are being used correctly.

Your gifts continue to make a real difference in the lives of people in West Africa and through this new partnership, we are able to make your gifts stretch even farther AND ensure excellent training and follow up!