Nearing Completion!

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We are very excited to be nearing the completion of the two-room schoolhouse in Mbouma, Senegal that you helped make a reality! In just a few short months, this space has gone from a barren field to a source of pride in the community representing a renewed hope for a better future.

Previously, the students were meeting in makeshift classrooms that are detrimental to the health of the students and regularly burn to the ground. The construction of this school will facilitate the education of generations of students to come and ensure a healthy and safe learning environment.

After signing agreements with the school and the community, we worked hand in hand to gather materials and get water to the site. We worked hard to identify qaulity craftsmen that would work with community members to collectively build this school.

After months of hard work in difficult conditions, we are now approaching the finished product and we could not be happier. The administration is there daily to check on progress and provide insight, members of the PTA are there everyday contributing volunteer labor, and enthusiastic students stop by often to see their new school.

IMG_4336Using locally-sourced materials and Senegalese building techniques, we sought to create a structure in line with community expectations on top of quality that can last for decades. The finished building - while simple and humble - is a landmark achievement in this rural community that represents a true step forward.

Thank you again for your investment in the future of the people of Mbouma, Senegal and the real change that is taking place there. Keep your eyes peeled for future updates as we near completion of the school, and spread the word about the good that is happening that you helped create!