Ronkh Health Post

Back in January 2012, Andando visited a recently completed water project in the remote town of Ronkh in Northern Senegal. This project was facilitited by Peace Corps Volunteer, Sarah Kopper. Sarah shared with us the need for rehabilitation of the local health post. This health post is supposed to serve over 5000 people but because of it's poor condition- broken latrines, septic tank exposed, parts of the roof needing to be replaced etc, people were forced to travel far for care. We asked Sarah to provide us with a proposal, which she quickly supplied us with.  Along with 20% contribtion from the community, work began in April and was recently completed.  The result is a facility that is sanitary and very usable.

The new health committee has conducted  a survey of the community and has organized several public cleanups in the area.  Sarah is confident that the newly rehabbed health post will serve the community of Ronkh well for years to come.

The town's doctor sees over 250 patients a month and delivers around 100 babies a year at this facility.

Thanks to Sarah for her good work in implementing this project!