Help Us Build A School In Senegal

We are excited to announce we are participating in GlobalGiving's Open Challenge during the month of June! With your help we will raise $12,000 to give the children of Mbouma hope for a better future. Click here to donate. Andando is partnering with the local population to build a school In the village of Mbouma, where 250 motivated primary school students have no junior high school. Some students travel over 10km to go to school in another town, but only if they can afford transportation or lodging. Most are not so lucky, particularly the young girls, forcing them to drop out. Currently, classes in Mbouma are held in makeshift huts made from millet stalks, which has twice burned down.IMG_5072#2How will this project solve this problem? 

The parents and students of Mbouma need a permanent structure that will provide a more comfortable, safe learning environment. Unfortunately, they simply cannot afford the building materials. Village elders have petitioned the government for a junior high school and have been deeded land by the community. The government sent teachers, but it is left up to the community members to build classrooms. Help us give this motivated community the school they need.100_0398Potential Long Term Impact 

In constructing a permanent school building with two classrooms, and the potential for more classroom space and a latrine in the future you will help provide students with a cleaner, healthier place to learn. The building of the school establishes it as a permanent, necessary part of village life for future generations of students. Our goal is not to simply put up a building, but to help put this rural community on a path to a more secure future.

Click here to donate and read more about the project.