Less Than a Week Left!

It has been an exciting couple of weeks for all of us here as we raise funds to build a school in the community of Mbouma, Senegal. We are getting close and there is just a week left to reach our goal. Consider walking with us and this community on the way to a better future. Click here to learn more! On our recent trip, we met with the leaders of the community of Mbouma and the principal of the junior high school – it was a compelling experience and illustrated just how badly a school is needed in this area. 100_0805Andando is partnering with the local population to build a school in the village of Mbouma, where 250 motivated primary school students have no junior high school. Some students travel over 10km to go to school in another town, but only if they can afford transportation or lodging. Most are not so lucky, particularly the young girls, forcing them to drop out. Currently, some classes are held in this agricultural warehouse (pictured above). While it is a roof over their head, it is an open building with sheets between classes, resulting in a very loud and poor learning environment. Further, this building will be needed by the community in 2-3 months when it is harvest season, making it no longer available to the school. 100_0808Other classes in are held in makeshift huts made from millet stalks (above), which have now burned down FIVE TIMES! These classes are also extremely hot, dusty, and wind-blown, providing a poor alternative to the traditional classroom. 100_0809In the most recent fire, part of the adjacent primary school was damaged, leaving them with even fewer prospects of a proper place to meet. Above, you can see school administrators standing in the spot of a recently-burned makeshift classroom, with the damage to the primary school visible behind them. But there is hope as this community has rallied around its students and staff to try to continue to provide them with options for education and a better future, and you can help!

Please consider giving to the students and community of Mbouma. Just click the link to learn more about the project and check out the progress we have already made. Thank You!