Introducing Penda Diop

img019 Penda Diop struggled through primary school. Her father died when she was very young and left her mother as a poor housewife with a heavy load to bear. Her mother then passed away when she was in grade 3. She found herself alone, but was able to continue her studies through the generosity of a caretaker in the community.

She proved herself a very willing and clever student and passed the entrance exam to further her education at junior high school. However, the nearest school was many miles down the road and she would have to find somewhere to stay in the new community. Having no financial resources to pay the school fees and no family to stay with, she had to drop out of school.

Penda now must fend for herself and has gotten a very low-paying job as a maid in a nearby city. She has almost no hope of going back to school and very limited opportunity to get a better job and improve her situation. Consider helping kids like Penda by donating here.

There are many students like Penda in the town of Mbouma who have the capability and willingness to succeed in school if given the chance. If Penda and her friends had a school in their town, she would not have had to drop out and leave the village. There are many children like Penda who can have hope for a better future if we are able to help them build the school they deserve. Learn more and participate in her story visiting our fundraising site on Global Giving. Thank You!