Introducing Refilwe!

We are very pleased to introduce Refilwe Moahi, our new Program Manager Intern based in Keur Soce, Senegal. Refilwe is from Botswana, and has been studying the last several years in the US, most recently at Brandeis University where she is working toward a Masters’ Degree in Sustainable International Development.


Refilwe has a passion for and commitment to Africa’s sustainable development and social progress for women and youth in Southern and West Africa. Having studied the political and social climate of Senegal, as well as having lived all over the world and speaking many languages, Refilwe hit the ground running and has been a vital part of our operations in Keur Soce over the last month.


We are excited to have a full-time intern monitoring and evaluating our programs in Keur Soce and Refilwe has dramatically increased our ability to be efficient and effective in the work we are doing. With her background in Sustainable Development, we will be using her experience to implement initiatives to further sustain our programs in as we move forward.


Refilwe will be in Keur Soce through the summer before she heads back to the US to finish her studies. She was able to come on board through our partnership with Vibrant Village, and we are excited about the possibilities for this kind of cooperation in the future.