Keur Soce Primary School Upgrades

As part of our ongoing partnership with the Keur Soce primary school, we recently completed the rehabilitation of all the desks in the school.Keur Soce Cake 2014 027They look absolutely amazing! Before, there were 3-4 kids to each small desk, making for distracted kids and uncomfortable learning conditions.Keur Soce Cake 2014 010

Now the kids all have a place to sit and are not in danger of getting cuts/slivers or worse from using broken desks. 100_0517 100_0515The entire job was completed on site while the kids were on spring break. Wish we could have been there to see their faces when they got back! 100_0511 100_0508

The desk project was done in partnership with Legacy International who run a vocational training school in a nearby town, giving young men the tools and training they need to learn woodworking and welding.100_0513Keur Soce Cake 2014 012

We have now rehabbed all the classroom floors, painted the entire school, installed secure windows, instituted a very popular breakfast program and started a school garden.  100_0514 100_0518

Next up, small classroom libraries - and a playground!