The Water is Flowing!

The solar pumps in the market gardens are now finished and the water is flowing. With months and months of preparation and weeks of work, the pumps are complete and planting has commenced! We are very excited about the immediate transformation we have seen in just a few days. Several months ago, preparation began as our Garden Manager and the market garden ladies began clearing the land getting it ready for planting. Several weeks ago, in anticipation of the nearing completion, seedlings were started in the garden in specially prepared beds and carefully tended. About a week ago, water was on its way and the panting started! The ladies, who are all working together, have done amazing things in such a short amount of time. It is truly inspirational and we are so excited for this next step. thiakho happy ladiesThis is the completed structure. The solar panels on top create energy to power the pump that is down in the well (to the right), which pumps the water into the holding tank. From the tank, the water is gravity-fed to any of the taps and reservoirs distributed around the garden. Under the tank is a lockable room that houses the electrical work, as well as acting as a storage shed to safely store the garden supplies. thiakho water towerA mother taking the time to show her children how the system works and what it takes to make the vegetables grow.

thiakho lady_her kidSome of the prep work that was done ahead of time in the difficult soil conditions. IMG_5093Transplanting the first seedlings.

IMG_5103More seedlings going in.

IMG_5099The ladies working together.

IMG_5100Keeping them watered and watching them grow!

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