Training Center is Nearing Completion

We have now been working in the Keur Soce area for 5 years, and we decided to really put down some roots! Through our partnership with the Vibrant Village Foundation, we are nearing completion on our training center on land that was given to us by the village. We will utilize this space to conduct classes with local and regional Senegalese partners. In addition, we will establish a demonstration garden as well as featuring other creative and sustainable living solutions for the often challenging rural setting. We can also use this space to stay over as we continue to implement programs in and around Keur Soce. There's even a space for you when you come and visit! IMG_3199The front approach, porch, and front door. The roof is reinforced to allow additional gathering space and also allow guests to sleep on the roof under mosquito nets - a common practice in Senegal when the rooftop breeze at night is very pleasant!IMG_3206The front gate looking into the Training Center IMG_3197View of the two-room structure with plenty of windows to keep it cool in the hot Keur Soce sun. 100_0425Looking at the compound from the roof. You can see the main road heading to Kaolack in the background. Also note the initial plants we have started, as we hope to get some good vegetation going before we move in to spruce up the place! This growing season, we hope to develop a solid beginning on a demonstration garden to introduce new agricultural techniques to the area. 100_0427Another view from the roof, looking back towards Keur Soce and the primary school. In this section of the compound, we will construct a rudimentary 'classroom' and shade structure for conducting classes and hosting events. IMG_3208A view from the back of the compound. We built the structure right into the wall of the center to conserve space and materials. Keep checking back with us for more updates and the initiation of classes and training events.