Micro Loan multiplication

We have been doing micro loans in Senegal for more than four years now.  Over time we have shared some of these stories on this blog, on facebook and on our website.  Just yesterday we put up a short video on facebook from one of our loan recipients. We have had great success with this program. Out of about five hundred loans, fewer than ten have not been repaid. Some of the loans were for a small business start up, some were for farmers and some were for projects.

Just recently we heard from one of our loan recipients with absolutely the most gratifying story yet.  Djibi had received a loan from us several years back and repaid in a timely manner. He has since built a solid tailoring business and is very diligent about budgeting and saving his money.

Djibi has observed the Andando loan program in action and has learned much from it. So much so, that he recently informed us that he is starting his own microloan program based on the Andando model, back home in his own village.  He has saved money over time and believes he is now in a position to help others , thanks to the help he received from Andando! 

With his own savings, Djibi has made his first four loans and is hoping to do more. We are humbled and gratified by Djibi's generous spirit and his desire to pass along the blessing he received. 

Continued success to you Djibi!