A Young Wonder

The story begins about a year ago when a young girl (11 years old!) heard about a need in a far away place. Rheanna heard about a school in a remote village in Sierra Leone where the children had none of the resources she enjoyed in her small, Oregon town. She learned that schools in Sierra Leone ask that their children have uniforms, although most of the families attending this school could not even afford to feed their children every day.

Rheanna decided she wanted to help and told us she was going to make or supply uniforms for every child in the school Andando supports in Buedu. That would be 460 uniforms...but she got to work and started sewing! She recruited her friends, her church, her local high school class. Along the way, as people heard about her efforts, they gave money and she also did some fundraisers, selling purses she had made and doing concessions at a wrestling tournament among other things. Civic clubs and city council pitched in too.

By the end of last year, she had completed this monumental task!  Then she started fundraising for her and her mom to be able to go to Sierra Leone to deliver the uniforms in person. Once again friends and family pitched in and last month was the culmination of Rheanna's dream, to meet the kids that she held in her heart for a year and to give them all a school uniform.  What a great day!

Rheanna tells her story to the parents and teachers who were gathered. This had been a "secret" project, so everyone got really excited!

The students came in all shapes and sizes but Rheanna had it all covered!

In addition to the uniforms, Rheanna was also able to buy sandals, copybooks, pencils and textbooks, thanks to the many generous donors who encouraged our young wonder along the way.

Thank you Rheanna, for your hard work, your commitment and for your great attitude when dealing with some slightly challenging African Experiences...you are amazing!!