Mt Barclay

Andando has been helping to support a school near Monrovia, Liberia for several years. Last month we had the opportunity to visit and also to bring a donation for some much needed textbooks- a big thank you to Plan for the Children Humanitarian Aid for this donation.

The school has a feeding program-each day the students get rice and sauce.

The teachers do a great job with very few resources, so they were extremely thankful for Plan's donation for the textbooks, all of which are part of the official West Africa curriculum.

Sometimes you have to find your textbooks on the street....

Mt Barclay has many other needs and in the near future we hope to add windows and doors to three of the unfinished building where classes are held. We'd also like to get desks for the lower grades- currently the students are sitting on the floor.

If you'd like to give to Mt Barclay, click on the donate button on our website. There are several ways to give.