Buedu Farming Project

For several years Andando has provided a feeding program for about 400 children in Buedu, Sierra Leone. This program began after the end of a long civil war and was valuable in providing much needed nutrition for a fragile population. In the last year or two, conditions have been improving with more and more farming taking place. So, one year ago we met with 168 families from the school to evaluate the feeding program and to see what could be done to help these families further on the road to self-sufficiency. Together we agreed that a rice farming program could be implemented, with a view to enabling each family to grow enough to feed their own children. Andando provided seed and basic tools to each of the families, and they got to work......

One year later we returned to hear and see what happened.

We are happy to report that these families have harvested enough rice not only to feed their families but have enough also to sell and to replant!

Some of the families came to share their stories and to express gratitude.

An exciting day in Buedu!