Christmas in Senegal

This year we spent Christmas in Senegal, arriving on Christmas morning. It looked like any other day in Senegal, a predominantly Muslim country. The day after Christmas, we headed north to the Podor area to  look at some of the wells that were completed  in the last few months. We visited five wells and can say  that in every village your contributions have brought hope and life! Some of these villages are quite remote and we had a few adventures getting there.  But it was well worth it to meet people who have a new fresh source of water.

On behalf of all them, thank you.

This year Andando has a goal of 12 new wells for Senegal. This is double last year's number but we are confident we can pull this off together.


Also while in the north we stopped in St Louis to meet a couple of our new loan program recipients. Pictured here is one of the ladies  who received a loan for a sewing machine.