Modou Sakho

In summer of 2010, we visited some of the farmers in the Keur Soce area that had received seed loans from Andando. Modou was one of these farmers and the day we visited he was working with  two of his sons in their beautiful peanut field. Modou was looking forward to a good harvest and the ability to make a profit, thanks in part to the no interest loan he had received from Andando.

Fast forward one year and once again Modou is hard at work in his peanut field. But this year he a has a horse to help him with the plowing! With last year's profit he was able to purchase a horse  which has helped him and his neighbors immensely, not just in farming but in transportation also.

Little by little, step by sustainable step, life is getting a little better for Modou and his family. Now they can dream of a future that has hope and possibility, thanks to one of our micro loans.