More latrines please

Andando recently completed a much needed latrine project at the elementary school in Keur Soce, Senegal. This school serves  around 475 students and had no functioning latrine! This opened our eyes to look more closely at the number of schools that need latrines and so far through just anecdotal research, we have found lots....and so we have recntly completed funding our second latrine project in Donaye-Taredji, a village in the north of Senegal. This elementary school serves 289 people and had no latrine. Now they have two, thanks to your donations,and the hard work of a Peace Corps volunteer and the local population.

This is a fairly simple low cost sustainable project that brings about immediate results in improved health of the children, which in turn results in healthier communities.


We'll keep you posted on the growing Andando Latrine Project!